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Anybody who has anything to do with sales and marketing should read the classic book “The Great Brain Robbery” by Ray Considine and Murray Raphel. It’s a great book that fully delivers on the promise in the subtitle:  “A collection of proven ideas to make you money and change your life.” One of my favorite chapters in the book [...]

The other day, I was talking to a friend who was peeved with his boss. It seems one of the company’s consultants realized that a certain type of client was easy to work with, didn’t complain about their invoices and paid in a timely manner. In the marketing trade, these are what we call “good [...]

In the movie Mr. Saturday Night, Billy Crystal plays Buddy Young, Jr., a washed up comedian who never achieved the kind of success he believed he should have. In the twilight of his life and career, Buddy is courted by Annie Wells, a young comedy agent played by Helen Hunt. Annie is determined to put [...]

Two or three years ago, I bought a hot, new online marketing product. It was going to make me a big pile of money and put me on easy street. Yeehaw. Happy days are here again! So what happened? Did I get wealthy … retire to a hammock in Maui … and live the sweet [...]

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